My Birthday 2010

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My birthday (3/25) started out like this a week before the big day . . . .

The day before my actual birthday, this bottle of milk was delivered to my door.

Shortly after, this box of mini cupcakes arrived from Kara’s Cupcakes in San Francisco.

The morning of my birthday . . . 4 am to be exact, this tiramisu cake woke me up with a candle to be blown out.  Let’s just say this cake did not make it past 4:15 am . . . major sugar high followed by a severe sugar crash by 5 am.

When I finally woke up from my sugar crash, I ended up at the Cheesecake Factory with this Red Velvet Cheesecake calling my name!  No mercy . . .

I was rolled out of the restaurant and this welcomed me at my front door.  By the way, I HATE this carpet!  My condo just installed it outside my door. YUCK!

A couple hours later, I was scarfing down a juicy steak at Ruth Chris’ steakhouse, washing it down with a bottle of Malbeck.  I was a bit tipsy when it was time to open up my gift here.  I’ll show you what was inside later.

Can you believe I had ANOTHER dessert after the steak?  I’ve lost count of birthday cakes at this point.

Why the hell am I taking this cake home?  I’ll let you guess how long it lasted in my fridge.

I must say, I’m STILL stuffed, so I must end this blog entry for today.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes everywhere!  . . . on twitter, facebook, myspace, and VIP Members!! You guys made me feel VERY special today! 😀 xoxo

Posted by Natasha Yi   @   27 March 2010 4 comments
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Mar 27, 2010
5:12 PM
#1 Tigger :

Oh my God! You’re an animal! Well hope you enjoyed them and ur day! You are SPECIAL my dear u don’t really need 10000 people to tell you that. U believe it already! Good! So happy blank years to a special angel!

Mar 28, 2010
12:02 PM
#2 Gio :

Sounds like you had a great time! Very happy for you! 🙂

Mar 31, 2010
2:29 PM
#3 Sal :

Those cakes look amazing! Love the FIRST PIC! Happy Birthday!!!

Apr 4, 2010
5:14 PM
#4 Stefanie :

Happy birthday! Lucky, I wish people loved me as much as you, I don’t even get to properly celebrate my 21st birthday which is coming up. :/ Oh well, hope you enjoyed it! <3

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